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Location: Virginia Foundation for the Humanities (Boar's Head) conference room

Upcoming events

    • 08/03/2024
    • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Randolph-Macon College, 114 College Ave., Ashland, Virginia

    Fourteenth Annual VWC Symposium

    Living Your Writing Life: Embracing New Chapters

    August 3, 2024

    This year's Symposium will be in-person at Randolph-Macon College, 114 College Ave., Ashland, Virginia.

    We're excited to have MM (Peggy) Finck as our keynote speaker.

    MM Finck is a publishing consultant and niche editor specializing in queries, pitches, opening pages, & overall story analysis. She established her practice as the Query Quill in 2014. She oversees WomenWriters,Women[‘s]Books’s Agents’ Corner & Author Interviews segments. She was granted the first ever interview with the Editor-in-Chief of Amazon’s Lake Union Publishing. Among MM’s clients’ and interviewees’ successes are chart rankings, bestsellers, and two adaptations to television series - one Apple, one Prime. Two-time Vice-President of Women’s Fiction Writers Association. Past-Chair Advisor for Rising STAR Award for Unpublished Women’s Fiction. Founder of Penning Suspense, a group for suspenseful & thriller fiction writers, and togetHER, a Facebook group for women. Also active in James River Writers, Sister in Crime, & Writer Unboxed. Represented by Katie Shea Boutillier. On social media as @MMFinck. 

    The following 16 topics will be covered in the presentations throughout the day:
    Kindle Direct Publishing: It's Simpler than You Think (and Free)
    So You Think You're Not a Poet?
    Turning Real Life Events into Fiction without Angering the Entire Family
    Speculative Fiction: A Genre of Hope
    It's in the (Tarot) Cards! — How to Use Archetypes to Your Writing Advantage
    Writing the Book Blurb That Will Catch the Reader's Attention to Your Book
    Knot the Plot in Flash Fiction
    The Awesome Antagonist: Writing Powerful Foes
    What We Talk About When We Talk about Point of View
    Writing is a Crime
    Creating Unforgettable Characters and Plots
    Organizing a Non-Fiction Book (Ins, Outs, & In-Betweens)
    How to Write a Synopsis and Query Letter
    The Do's and Don'ts of Self-Publishing
    Break Into Romance Writing and Publishing
    Using Poetry to Find Your Voice

Past events

06/05/2024 Chesapeake Bay Writers Luncheon
04/08/2024 Second Monday Radio Show on Xtra 99.1 FM
04/03/2024 Paul Aron-Creative Non-Fiction: Tips and Techniques (Luncheon)
03/09/2024 Open Mic at Williamsburg Library
02/28/2024 Chesapeake Bay Writers Virtual Meeting
02/24/2024 Williamsburg Book Festival
01/18/2024 Sharon Pajka - Speaker Series at Hanover Tavern
11/04/2023 Virginia Writers Club Annual Meeting 2023
09/07/2023 Board of Governors Quarterly Meeting
08/05/2023 2023 VWC Symposium - Living Your Writing Life: Sharing the Dream!
05/29/2023 2023 Symposium Sponsorship
05/07/2023 How to Effectively Critique a Manuscript
04/30/2023 Newspaper Sparks with Sally Honenberger
03/19/2023 Open Mic - Chesapeake Bay Writers
11/12/2022 Hanover Book Expo 2022
11/05/2022 Virginia Writers Club Annual Meeting 2022
08/13/2022 What Film Structure Can Teach Us About Crafting Our Stories.
08/10/2022 AutoCrit
08/06/2022 2022 VWC Symposium - Reel in the Stories: Fishing for Writing Solutions
08/03/2022 BOOK BRUSH
07/09/2022 Social Media Marketing
07/06/2022 Zoom Social with Bradley Harper
06/11/2022 Free Marketing Webinar (virtual only)
06/11/2022 VWC Board Meeting
06/04/2022 Flash Ekphrastic writing presented by Chesapeake Bay Writers
05/17/2022 2022 Symposium Sponsorship
05/14/2022 Free Workshop (in person)
04/20/2022 Chesapeake Bay Writers General Meeting & Luncheon
03/27/2022 Author Reading by VM Roberts
03/26/2022 Chesapeake Bay Writers BOOK PARADE
03/18/2022 2nd Act Books presents Poetry Reading
03/17/2022 Searching for Women Writers and Reading the Dead
03/13/2022 Author Reading by VM Roberts
02/16/2022 Chesapeake Bay Writers General Meeting & Luncheon
11/13/2021 Hanover Book Expo 2021
11/06/2021 VWC Annual Meeting 2021
09/15/2021 Connie Lapallo to retrace her path from page to screen at CBW luncheon meeting
09/11/2021 VWC Board of Governors Meeting
08/07/2021 2021 Symposium Sponsorship
08/06/2021 2021 VWC Symposium - Your Writing Journey: Shooting for the Stars!
05/26/2021 Globel/Virtual Open Mic
02/06/2021 Board of Governors meeting
11/07/2020 VWC Annual Meeting 2020
08/01/2020 2020 Symposium Sponsorship
05/02/2020 VWC 2nd Quarter 2020 BOG Meeting
02/01/2020 1st Board of Governors Meeting of 2020
11/24/2019 Solveig Eggerz at Book People
11/16/2019 Northern Virginia Chapter NaNoWriMo Write-in
11/02/2019 Annual Meeting 2019 Registration
06/01/2019 2nd Quarter BOG Meeting
04/27/2019 Hanover Book Festival 2019
02/02/2019 Board of Governors 1st Quarter Meeting
11/03/2018 Registration: Symposium
11/02/2018 Registration: Annual Meeting Guest Only
11/02/2018 Registration: Annual Meeting
11/02/2018 2018 Annual Meeting & Symposium Registration
11/02/2018 2018 Annual Meeting & Symposium Speaker Registration
10/27/2018 Blue Ridge Writers Book Fair - SOLD OUT!
09/08/2018 Board of Governors Meeting
05/18/2018 Writing as Art, Editing and Publishing - Free Workshop
05/17/2018 Writing as Art, Editing and Publishing - Free Workshop
05/17/2018 A Rockfish Valley Poet and His Camera - A Book Signing and Discussion
05/05/2018 Board of Governors Meeting
04/28/2018 Hanover Book Festival
03/21/2018 2018 VA Festival of the Book
02/13/2018 2018 College Scholarship Application Period Now Open
02/03/2018 Board of Governors Meeting
11/18/2017 Charlottesville Book Fair
11/04/2017 2017 Annual Meeting, Awards Ceremony & Centennial Launch
10/15/2017 2018 Teen Golden Nib Writing Contest
10/14/2017 2-in-1 Writing Workshop in Luray, VA
10/14/2017 7th Annual Parade of Prose
10/09/2017 Feature-Writing Workshop
08/05/2017 2017 Navigating Your Writing Life Symposium
06/21/2017 [WRITER'S RETREAT] "Finding Esse: Nurturing the Soul of the Writer"
06/17/2017 [Guest Speaker] Bryan Nowak, Paranormal Suspense Author - "My Experiences Writing & Publishing Genre Fiction"
05/24/2017 Brad Parks and Domnica Radulescu at Ox-Eye Vineyards
05/15/2017 2017 Golden Nib Writing Contest
05/13/2017 May 13, 2017 Board of Governors Meeting
04/29/2017 Mapping Your Writing Journey
04/22/2017 Hanover Book Festival 2017
04/15/2017 Tips & Steps to Take When Freelancing the Nonfiction Article
03/22/2017 2017 VA Festival of the Book
02/25/2017 TEEN WRITERS - New Fredericksburg Group
02/11/2017 Inaugural Meeting - Skyline Writers' Circle
02/04/2017 February 2017 BoG Meeting
12/10/2016 E-Nunciator Newsletter Submission Deadline for Winter Edition
11/05/2016 2016 Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet
10/08/2016 6th Annual Parade of Prose
09/17/2016 VWC September 2016 Board of Governors Meeting - NOTE CHANGE IN DATE
09/10/2016 E-Nunciator Newsletter deadline for Fall Edition
08/06/2016 Navigating Your Writing Life 2016 Symposium
07/09/2016 Lake Writers Present Diane Fanning
06/10/2016 2016 Appalachian Heritage Writers Symposium
06/10/2016 E-Nunciator Newsletter Summer Edition Submission Deadline
06/09/2016 Lake Writers Present Kathleen Grissom
05/31/2016 Lake Writers Present Sharyn McCrumb
05/12/2016 Lake Writers Present James Nagy
05/07/2016 Board of Governors Meeting
05/01/2016 2016 Summer Shorts Writing Contest
03/16/2016 #VAWriters at 2016 VA Festival of the Book
03/10/2016 E-Nunciator Newsletter Submission Deadline
02/16/2016 2016 Golden Nib contest
02/13/2016 VWC College Scholarship Competition
01/28/2016 VWC February 2016 Board of Governors Meeting
12/31/2015 E-Nunciator Newsletter Winter Edition
12/10/2015 E-Nunciator Newsletter Submission Deadline for Winter Edition
11/07/2015 2015 Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet
10/11/2015 In the Company of Laureates: Oct 11 "Poets Laureate Day" Prince William County
09/30/2015 E-Nunciator Newsletter Fall Edition
09/12/2015 VWC September 2015 Board of Governors Meeting
09/09/2015 E-Nunciator Newsletter deadline for Fall Edition
08/01/2015 Navigating Your Writing Life 2015 Symposium
06/30/2015 E-Nunciator Newsletter Summer Edition
06/12/2015 Appalachian Writers Heritage Symposium
06/10/2015 E-Nunciator Newsletter Summer Edition Submission Deadline
05/17/2015 2015 Teen Golden Nib contest
05/02/2015 VWC May 2015 Board of Governors Meeting
03/31/2015 E-Nunciator Newsletter Spring Edition
03/10/2015 E-Nunciator Newsletter Submission Deadline
02/07/2015 VWC February 2015 Board of Governors Meeting
11/01/2014 Annual Meeting
09/11/2014 FALL FOR THE BOOK
09/06/2014 Sept. BOG Meeting
08/02/2014 Navigating Your Writing Life: Finding Your Way
05/03/2014 May 3rd BOG Meeting
05/01/2014 2014 Summer Shorts Writing Contest
05/01/2014 2014 Golden Nib contest
04/12/2014 12th Annual Celebration of Poetry
03/23/2014 - A VITAL FUSION - The Writer and the Community
03/19/2014 2014 Virginia Festival of the Book
02/08/2014 VWC Board of Governors Meeting
11/02/2013 2013 VWC Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet
09/26/2013 Fall for the Book - "What's Cooking?"
09/02/2013 CANCELLED: VWC Board of Governors Meeting
08/03/2013 Kathleen Grissom, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Kitchen House
08/03/2013 Navigating Your Writing Life 2013: A Symposium for Writers on the Journey to Publication
06/14/2013 Appalachian Heritage Writers Symposium
06/01/2013 VWC Board of Governors Meeting
04/20/2013 Getting Your Book or Manuscript Ready for Self-Publishing or Traditional Publishing
04/13/2013 11th Annual Celebration of Poetry
04/12/2013 2013 Golden Nib contest
03/20/2013 Virginia Festival of the Book
03/20/2013 VWC Board of Governors Meeting
03/01/2013 Teen Golden Nib Writing Contest Deadline
02/23/2013 Playwriting Workshop
11/03/2012 2012 VWC Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet
09/29/2012 Screenwriting with Richard Krevolin - Fall for the Book
09/29/2012 Self-publishing panel - Fall for the Book
09/08/2012 VWC 3rd Qtr. Board of Governors Meeting
08/04/2012 Navigating Your Writing Life 2012
05/01/2012 2012 Young Writers Golden Nib Contest
04/27/2012 2012 Virginia Writers Club College Scholarship
01/24/2012 2012 Innaugural Testing Phase
11/12/2011 2011 Annual Meeting
07/23/2011 Some Kind of Make Believe!
01/02/2011 Spring Shorts Contest
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