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All pages must contain the title of the work. Also, in the header, include the author’s name and contact information, as well as page numbers.

We look for well-organized compositions, with unity among lines and stanzas, where every verse connects to the poem’s theme and leaves the reader with a strong lasting impression.

  • Speak to us in a clear, nuanced, engaging manner.
  • Show us control of writing conventions in a classical or contemporary manner meant to enhance meaning.
  • Regale us with vivid language. Present concrete sensory details that enable the reader to visualize events or experiences.
  • Use some or any of the poet’s tools: metaphor, simile, assonance, alliteration, hyperbole, lyricism, personification, onomatopoeia, among others.
  • Use traditional rhyme (internal or at lines’ ends) or free verse, as you wish. Either way, remember the element of cadence that is essential to good poetry.
  • Conjure the flow that is most beneficial to the poem. Let us hear its lilt.

In short, knock us out with your artistry!

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