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Fiction and Flash Fiction:

All pages must contain the title of the work. Also, in the header, include the author’s name and contact information, as well as page numbers.

Let us gather round to hear your story.

Enthrall us with a well-organized and unified tale from start to finish. Use effective transitions.

  • Employ an appropriate tone.
  • Craft sentences that are fluid, interesting, and varied.
  • Include exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.
  • Make your POV clear.
  • Use an appropriate mix of natural dialogue.
  • Show us conflict and tension.
  • Pace the story.
  • Engage us with authentic, memorable characters.

Demonstrate your mastery of grammar and spelling.

  • Use arresting vocabulary.
  • Let the language fit the context of the story.

Be original, fashioning a unique voice.

  • Draw us into your perspective.
  • Surprise us with the result.
  • Let us visualize the scene.

Above all, make sure your magic engages and connects with the reader.

Have us remember your tale long into the future!

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